Mommy Confession #1

I decided to name this post confession #1, because I have a feeling that this will turn into a regular thing here on the blog.  I probably have several confessions I need to own up to a day, but today is a doozy worth blogging about!

Today was a Pre-school day for the Piggies.  We walked both boys into school, I had double checked their backpacks for sippy cups, extra diapers for littlest Piggy, change of clothes for both, and tissue for runny noses.  I felt like I had it together.

At the teacher’s door, I see another Mom handing the teacher her “letter cutout”.  Piggy One was suppose to find something that starts with his letter of the week (L), cut it out of a magazine and bring it into school.  Do you think we did that?  Nope!  We found L-L-Leaves outside, last week.  We colored L’s.  We highlighted L’s in a group of letters.  We traced L’s.  We laced L’s.  We did almost everything to an L that you can think of, but we didn’t cut out anything that stared with L to take to school.

I was one of….those…Moms.  The moms that teacher’s shake their heads toward, roll their eyes at, and realize why their kids are the way they are.  Yup – that was me.

Do you know how many times I’ve thought those things as a teacher?  If I had a nickel for the number of times I said in my head, “I just gave you one little thing to do for homework.  I have a list a mile long for school.  One little thing and you can’t manage that, parent.  And you’re a stay-at-home-mom!”  If I ever thought that about any of the parents of my students in the 15 years of my teaching career, you can be sure that karma is coming after me with a vengeance!

I need to publicly apologize!  For the eye rolling, I’m sorry!  I apologize for the soft huffs of frustration.  I’m sorry for the ugly thoughts with unfinished homework.  We’re not in soccer or baseball yet, but I know there will be late games and unfinished homework.  I know that will come.  And for those times when I thought you were crazy to have your child in a program that kept them out past 7:00, and thinking, “How dare you skip homework for a game!” – I. Am. Sorry!

sc5cl3bI’m getting mine in the end.  As together as I think I have it, there is always room for improvement.  Thank goodness I realize now that there are more important things in life!  Although I still think that homework needs to be finished before a game, I realize there is a lot more to be learned on that field than whatever is for homework.

Thanks for keeping me humble!  I’m so thankful that the Lord isn’t finished working on me.  He’s got his work cut out!



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