Toddler and Family Rules

Hello again!  I hope you guys have had a great week.  We have had family in town and I’ve been a slacker!  Most of our family lives far away, so we stop what we are doing when they come for a visit.  My husband’s family is from Colorado which means a plane trip for them or us.  My siblings are in Texas and Dubai, which is definitely a plane ride away.

We still have a sister in town, but I didn’t want to leave my sweet readers hanging.  I decided to do a short and simple post that I’ve been saving.

Back when the chalkboard craze hit, I decided to try my own chalkboard family rules.  I love all the new fancy fonts, the chalkboard doodles, etc., but a few years ago I wasn’t sure how to put it all together.  My chalkboard skills have improved greatly, but if you like it simple, you may enjoy this.

Here is a copy of our family rules from a few years ago.   Chalkboard family rulesDownload those rules here:  chalkboardrules

Those rules were in our kitchen for a long time until my oldest Piggy started preschool.  We needed some simple rules for our toddlers – ones that we could review before school each morning.  I tried to think of a way to help him remember his rules by using parts of his body.  It seems to work great!

Here are our current family rules:
Using body parts to help toddlers remember simple rules

You can download these rules here: toddlerbodypartsrules

He is getting to the point where we need to start moving his name, and adding some rewards and consequences.  For now, we use time-out.  We read the book 1, 2, 3…Magic last year and loved it!  It was a game changer!  Piggy One still has a hard time, but I have to remember that he is 3.  If you have not read this book, and you are looking for a good foundation for discipline, I would highly recommend it!

How do you track your rules?  I am always interested how parents handle their little Piggies at home. (This post contains an affiliate link, but the views of the product are my own.)



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