Notes to School

It is almost Friday! If your week has been like mine, you’re on your second bottle of wine or box of chocolate (whatever your vice of choice), doing a happy dance, or all three!

Today’s post comes at just the right time. Piggy Two has been cutting his 2 year molars, has a bucket of green snot coming out of his nose at any given moment during the day, and his little eyes have become gunked up with eye boogers. (Don’t you like my technical terms? Hope you weren’t eating supper.)

So anyway, I was filling out his absent form to send to Pre-school with him next Tuesday and it dawned on me that I need to make a quick post and share my parent notes to school.

Parent Notes from Home to SchoolI am giving you a blank document in word that you can edit.  You can either print it out as is and hand write your family name along with your child(ren)’s names, or you can edit it before you print it.  The .PDF picture in the document is placed “behind the text”, so all you have to do is type in the font/size of your choice, and then print.  You may need to reposition the .PDF if it gets out of line.

I tried to create an editable .PDF but did not like the way it looked.  It had ugly green boxes and I just couldn’t have that!  🙂

Remember that all things on is free to use.  We just ask that you give credit back to us.

Here’s the word document for you to use. School Notes Blank – Word

If you just want a blank copy, here it is in PDF for you:   School Notes blank – PDF

The font that I used is KBTheSilentNight.  Our last name is font size 24.  The kid’s names are font size 18.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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