Mickey Mouse Money Notes

After yesterday’s post about Notes to School, I had a special request from a teacher of one of the Piggy’s to also post the money notes we use.  These are definitely geared toward primary children.  Both of my Piggies are huge Mickey Mouse fans.  Everything in our house is either Mickey or trains.  For these notes, I used a Mickey Mouse theme and font.

Free Printable, editable, sticky note labels to be used on money envelopes for school

I print them on Avery Shipping Labels 8163 and then attach them to Zip-lock bags.  I can then put notes, money, checks, and whatever else needs to be attached to the payment into the bag to be returned to school.

Labels for bags when sending money and notes to school

Obviously this doesn’t appeal to older elementary children – and is especially frowned on by middle school and high school kids.  I am working on some that can be used by everyone.  I’ll try to have those finished in the next day or two.

For now, here are the links to the PDF document and the Word document so that you can print your own Mickey Mouse bag/envelope labels.

If you want to write your child’s name and not fuss with editing, use the PDF Blank Mickey Mouse Money Note labels – PDF and print them on Avery Shipping Labels 8163.  You can also print them on paper, but you’ll have to cut them out and tape them on.  Both work.

If you want to edit your labels before you print them, use this Word document.  Blank Mickey Mouse Money Notes Labels – Word (Editable)  Don’t resize the photo insert, or they won’t fit the labels.  The photo is “behind the text” so that when you edit the text, it will write over the photo.  The font that I used is Walt Disney, font size 22.

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Happy Saturday, and ROLL TIDE!!  😉


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