Cornucopia Treats

Make Thanksgiving Cornucopia snacks with dried or fresh fruit, or turn it into dessert with chocolate pretzels, chocolate chex, etc.  Found at ThisLittlePigStayedHome.comThis week has been cray-to-the-Z!  Like most of the word, we’ve got company coming in for a week Thanksgiving, and my little Piggies both had their Thanksgiving Feast at pre-school.  Thankfully I was not in charge of either one this year!

cornucopia 1Piggy One’s homeroom mom is a Pinterest dream come to life!  His room was decked out.  So stinking cute!  All the moms in there are on the ball and came together to create such a great experience for the kids.  Just look at that spread!

cornucopia 2Let’s just talk about his teacher for a moment.  Not only is she the sweetest and most patient person alive, but she has such a great little class.

cornucopia 3To make things better, Piggy One’s best friend from last year is with him again this year.  He’s convinced it’s his twin.  The funny thing is, they look alike!  (Piggy One is 3rd from the left.  His BFF twinnie is 5th from the left.)  Needless to say, they’ve had such good experiences that we’ve decided to finish up the year and just do some homeschool activities on Mondays and Fridays when they’re not in school.  Are these not the cutest little Indians ever??

cornucopia 4Piggy Two, I am convinced, is in the best class ever in the history of the whole entire world, period…That is all!  His teacher is, hands down, the best teacher I’ve ever, in my life, encountered!  First, she teaches the 1-year-olds.  They’re cute and all, but they can’t talk.  That’s her first step toward sainthood in my opinion.   Second – (hold on to your hats for this one) – she is a pharmacist when she’s not at school.  Say what??  Yes, you heard me!  It is truly a calling for this magnificent lady.  She doesn’t have to work for pennies a day.  She chooses to!

cornucopia 5We are blessed!  Blessed, I tell ya!  Everything his teacher does is over the top!  She puts in so much extra time and money.  There is no way she makes a dime working.  She spends twice as much on the kids as she makes.  I wish I had gotten a picture of him with his teacher, but here I am with my little turkey.

So anyway, the boys have amazing teachers and had super fantastic Thanksgiving parties.  My contribution to the parties was a cornucopia of treats.  For Piggy One, we were to bring a dessert.  For Piggy Two, we were to bring fruit.  I can usually make the same for both Piggies, but I needed something that would be cute, but also easy so that I didn’t have to kill myself making two different things.  I decided to make cornucopias out of waffle cones.  When I say make, I mean I opened up the package aaaaand done!  I just needed to fill them with treats.

cornucopia 6For Piggy One, I made up a batch of chocolate Chex mix, chocolate pretzels, M&M’s, nuts, yogurt chips, and candy corns and put them in the waffle cones.  Dessert done!

cornucopia 7For Piggy Two, I got different bulk dried fruit, yogurt raisins, banana chips, cranberries, etc., and put those in the cones.  They really turned out cute!

My advice:  Splurge on the bigger waffle cones.  Don’t skimp and buy the smaller sugar cones.  They don’t hold much.  Also, if you are filling them with fruit or anything that could be moist, don’t fill them too far in advance.  The moisture in the fruit will make the cone soggy.  We filled ours the morning of the party and they were perfect.

Another tip:  If you have to travel with them, use Press and Seal to wrap over them.  Saran wrap won’t hold.  The Press and Seal works perfect.  Otherwise, place them in a bowl or on a plate.  Done!

cornucopia 8Cute and easy way to serve treats this Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for more holiday tips.  Are you traveling?  Celebrating at home?  Be sure to chime in and let us know some trade secrets you have for making the holidays easy!




  1. Love these 2 little boys. What a nice Thanksgiving Picture.

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