2015 Calendar

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy night.  Our family made fun rainbow bread (I’ll post about it soon), and then we played late with neighbors.  The kids thought it was so much fun to be outside at night.  After the kiddies got into bed, the hubby and I had a […]

Workboxes Rolling Cart

We’ve been trying to get our playroom/home classroom organized.  One of the things that I really wanted to get to help the boys with making choices, and to keep myself organized, was this rolling cart.  I had read about Work Boxes from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I knew we were not ready for that type […]

Rainbow Rice

Do your children love helping you in the kitchen?  My little Piggies can’t get enough of the measuring cups, spoons, funnels, and their favorite has to be the wire whisk.  Sometimes I welcome their help, while other times, I just need to get it done without taking 10 minutes to measure and count 5 Cups […]

ABC Chalkboard Bible Memory Verses

This was our second week of homeschool, and I knew right away that I had picked the wrong bible verses for us to use with our “Letter a Week” program. A lot of the things I use with the boys comes from my own alphabet files that have been around for 20 years.  I also […]

Our Homeschool Classroom

It has taken us awhile to get our classroom sorted out, but I finally feel like it is somewhat presentable. I’m going to take you on a tour of our cute little “pretend school at home”, as Piggy One calls it. I suppose I don’t mind that he thinks we are “playing” school. I guess […]

First Day of Home School

We did it!  We successfully planned and completed our first day of home school!  Honestly, I was overwhelmed with so much material that planning was becoming an impossible task.  I finally dug through my old teaching files, looked at some of the new things I had found online, and just jumped in.  I put on […]

Art wall for Children

I promised in my last post that I would start showing you our home school classroom.  Well, I’ve been known to stretch the truth. Seriously, I promise it is under way.  I’ve moved most of the boys’ toys upstairs to the loft, and I’ve organized all of the learning toys and manipulatives onto the shelves. […]

Modern Lesson Planner

A few days ago I gave you the new Apple Lesson Planner for Teachers and Homeschool Parents. As promised, I have a new lesson planner for you. This one is a little more teacher friendly.  I added a few more pages that I used as a teacher.  Let’s just take a minute to look at […]

Apple Lesson Planner

I know that many of my teacher friends are busy trying to get their classrooms ready for those kiddies, and unless the school provides their lesson planner, they are searching for the perfect one! I’ve worked hard to get this ready for my own planning, but also so that teachers and homeschool parents will have […]


I can’t believe it is time for school to start back!  Where did summer go?? When I started thinking about home schooling my children, I wanted to give it a trial run before committing full time.  Both of my boys are enrolled in Pre-school this year, the oldest for 3 days, and the younger one […]