Packing List

We just got back from a trip to the beach.  It was a much needed Fall break, and who doesn’t smile when watching the tide come in?  While getting ready to go, I had a million little packing notes everywhere around the house.  I realized I should make one main packing list, and then I […]

Workboxes Rolling Cart

We’ve been trying to get our playroom/home classroom organized.  One of the things that I really wanted to get to help the boys with making choices, and to keep myself organized, was this rolling cart.  I had read about Work Boxes from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I knew we were not ready for that type […]

Rainbow Rice

Do your children love helping you in the kitchen?  My little Piggies can’t get enough of the measuring cups, spoons, funnels, and their favorite has to be the wire whisk.  Sometimes I welcome their help, while other times, I just need to get it done without taking 10 minutes to measure and count 5 Cups […]

Easy-Cheesy, Ham & Quichey

  There are some things from the 80’s best left in the time capsule. Big hair, ALF, Care Bears, Jelly shoes, and Milli Vanilli to name a few. However, there is one thing that made an appearance that thankfully stuck around. Quiche! Am I right? Do you love the stuff like I do? We like […]

Pumpkin Patch Cheat

It feels like forever since I’ve posted.  It’s that time of year when the Kleenex are flying, and the Zyrtec is flowing. In my last post about Peanut Butter Pumpkins, I told you about ditching the pumpkin patch for a farmer’s market.  With all the colds going around, and the boys (i.e. Momma) not feeling […]

Peanut Butter Pumpkins

We’ve been getting ready for Fall in our house.  Today was our day to go to pick out pumpkins.  We had originally planned to visit a local Fall fun place called CornDawgs.  They have corn mazes, pumpkin patches, a petting zoo, a corn kernel pit, etc.  You know, the kind of place that gives your […]

Tower of Power

A few years ago, after nearly having heart attack #857 due to watching oldest Piggy almost flip out of a chair while standing at the island helping me cook, I decided to try to find something a little more child friendly. My original thought was to buy one of those old metal stools with the […]

Scarecrow Sugar Cookies

Can you believe it is officially Fall?  It seems like we jumped from getting ready for school, straight to decorating with pumpkins.  Let’s not even talk about the shape of the boys’ closets!  Switching out Summer clothes and getting Fall clothes in place is on my mile long list of things to do. During the […]

Modern Money Labels for School

Yesterday I gave you Mickey Mouse money labels for your little tots when they have to send money to school.  I promised you I would make some for the older kids, and I kept to my word. Originally I thought I would do two sets – One for the upper elementary boys and girls, and […]

Mickey Mouse Money Notes

After yesterday’s post about Notes to School, I had a special request from a teacher of one of the Piggy’s to also post the money notes we use.  These are definitely geared toward primary children.  Both of my Piggies are huge Mickey Mouse fans.  Everything in our house is either Mickey or trains.  For these […]