Christmas Meal Planning with a laminator

I promised I would do a better job blogging for Christmas after dropping the ball during Thanksgiving.  That promise was before the big ol’ nasty F-L-U hit our house.  Bad stuff!  Piggy One was at Children’s Urgent Care for 6 hours with a 105.6 temp. and I thought we would have to admit him if it […]

Chalkboard Gifts for Teachers

I finally got THE call from my kid’s Pre-school teachers to set up their home visit to meet the boys. That means it is time for school to start back!  We are super excited about our teachers! I know we are gearing up to home school, but we are not 100% certain we will continue into […]

Elaborate Lunch

Post number two!  Can I get a “WHAT, WHAT?”   Trying to get the hang of this thing. I’m so glad my hubs and his BFF, Ben Hepworth from Geek Your Blog, get all giggly and school girl squealy when they talk “blog”.  Thanks for your expertise, Benny boy!  You too, Babe!  You rock, even […]

Piggy 2’s Picnic Lunch

Are you blessed with a toddler that will eat anything you put in front of him?  What’s that like? Seriously!  Please tell me how it feels to cook one meal rather than three different ones, three times a day.  Remember when you were single and you could get away with microwave popcorn for dinner? Give […]