Modern Money Labels for School

Yesterday I gave you Mickey Mouse money labels for your little tots when they have to send money to school.  I promised you I would make some for the older kids, and I kept to my word. Originally I thought I would do two sets – One for the upper elementary boys and girls, and […]

Mickey Mouse Money Notes

After yesterday’s post about Notes to School, I had a special request from a teacher of one of the Piggy’s to also post the money notes we use.  These are definitely geared toward primary children.  Both of my Piggies are huge Mickey Mouse fans.  Everything in our house is either Mickey or trains.  For these […]

Our Homeschool Classroom

It has taken us awhile to get our classroom sorted out, but I finally feel like it is somewhat presentable. I’m going to take you on a tour of our cute little “pretend school at home”, as Piggy One calls it. I suppose I don’t mind that he thinks we are “playing” school. I guess […]


I can’t believe it is time for school to start back!  Where did summer go?? When I started thinking about home schooling my children, I wanted to give it a trial run before committing full time.  Both of my boys are enrolled in Pre-school this year, the oldest for 3 days, and the younger one […]