Apple Lesson Planner

I know that many of my teacher friends are busy trying to get their classrooms ready for those kiddies, and unless the school provides their lesson planner, they are searching for the perfect one!

I’ve worked hard to get this ready for my own planning, but also so that teachers and homeschool parents will have a planner to use.

This first planner is a very traditional “apple” style planner. Close to 10 years ago, I fell in love with the graphics at Graphic Garden.  I purchased the clipart CD and have been using it for years.  All of these graphics came from that CD.  If you enjoy cuter than cute graphics, go check her out!

I tried to think of all the things I would need in a planner for home.  As a teacher, you would want to supplement a few things like classroom lists, schedule, etc.  You would also need to eliminate some of the pages or use them for home.

In this planner you will find the following:


a traditional 2 page lesson planner,


a weekly and daily planner,


a Year at a glance spread,


a reading log, as well, as a field trip planner,Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 1.29.40 AM


a project planner, notes from the teacher,


and a page for your own notes.

I’ve included all of the pages in a PDF that you can download below.

Apple Lesson Plans

As I’ll always tell you, I believe in giving back and helping others.  My creations will always be free for you to download and use.  All that I ask is that you give credit to and send others to our website.  We do plan on having a few ads, and by sharing our site, it will help a stay-at-home Mom be able to stay at home longer to homeschool my boys.

I will also always give credit to the sites that inspire me.  For this lesson planner, I pulled from several different sources.  I got some of my ideas from The Polka Dot Posie.   She’s got some great planners for students and teachers.  I also pulled from ideas I found at Living Well Spending Less.  Her planner was full of wonderful ideas for the home school mom.  The teacher in me was crying out for a little bit more traditional planning, so I mixed a little of these two, along with my own ideas, and came up with what you have!

If you would like to see something else included, or have any ideas for me, please let me know.  I am always open for suggestions.

I am working on another planner, much like this one, but more contemporary.  It will have a “feel” more like the calendar I posted a few days ago.  Think chevron, dots, stripes!


  1. These are fantastic. I would love to see how you do a simple daily checklist page for the student. I homeschool my boys and was looking for a daily checklist type page for them to use. Thanks for sharing your work!

    • You are so welcome, Michelle. I taught First Grade for 15 years, so I was the master of checklists. The checklist I provided on the modern lesson plan page is more for a mother with lots of “students” or a teacher with a full classroom. You could modify this checklist to use for one child, though. In a classroom, down the left side I use that space to write student names. Across the top are skills I want them to achieve. I either put a check when they’ve master the skill, or a minus, or “i” for improving. If it is a checklist you use over the course of the year, you could write the date the skill was mastered.

      In a home school situation, it could be used differently. You could use the left column to write the skills for the year. Across the top, you could write your assessment dates throughout the year, and then use the corresponding box (on the x/y axis) to put your check, minus, improving marks (or whatever marks you choose.)

      You’ve given me reason to maybe add an easier checklist page for the home school parent. This being our first year to homeschool, I am still getting my feet wet and find myself in “classroom teacher mode” instead of small one-on-one mode. Thanks for your comment!

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