Curriculum for Ages 2-3

When I began the process for planning curriculum for my children, I started in the logical place – our State Department of Education.  Unfortunately, like many states, they do not make it easy to find curriculum for pre-school students, or they do not provide it at all.  I found a few states that did list a pre-school curriculum, but it was very vague.  I needed more content to help me get started in my plans!

My next step was to search University and Child Development sites.  I stumbled upon a great resource provided by Mississippi State University and their Early Child Institute.  You can find that link here.  I compared their resources with the other information I had gathered, and realized they covered almost everything I had on my own list.  I do have a few life skills listed that I want to add to our curriculum since they involve tasks at home, but otherwise, this one looked perfect.

The problem was that I wanted to make it more user friendly.  I am creating a binder for my Piggies that will include curriculum, checklists, plans, etc.  Instead of printing off 17+ pages, I created a chart that I could put into plastic sleeves in my binder, and make notes on the outside if needed.  Of course I had to make it cute!

Below is the 2-3 Year-Old Curriculum.


A printer friendly version can be found at the link below.  I will be adding a checklist for these standards soon.

Curriculum for 2 to 3 Year




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