Modern Money Labels for School

Yesterday I gave you Mickey Mouse money labels for your little tots when they have to send money to school.  I promised you I would make some for the older kids, and I kept to my word.

Originally I thought I would do two sets – One for the upper elementary boys and girls, and then a second set for older students.  After I made these, I thought they would work for all ages.  Free editable and printable money labels to be used for sending money to school in bags or envelopesI thought the pink damask would be my favorite background, but after I finished, I am in LOVE with the old school money ledger background.  These backgrounds are from MelStampz.  To. Die. For!

As with the Mickey labels, I have two forms which you can use.  The PDF file is not editable.  With these, simple download them, print them on Avery Shipping Labels 8163, and write the information in, including the student’s name.

The Word document is the one that you can edit.  The labels are one picture saved “behind the text”, so all you have to do is start typing.  The font that I used on the top row where you fill in your child’s name is AlwaysHere, size 22.  The smaller font on the label is GuttenbergMf, size 18.  If you resize the picture, it will not fit the labels properly.  So be careful when editing.  You will also have to change your margins in order to edit the top row of labels.

Modern Money Labels – PDF – This one is NOT editable

Modern Money Labels – Word (Editable)

You can always print these on plain paper or card stock and cut them out, but then you have to tape them to the ziplock bag or envelope.  Either will work, I just prefer using shipping labels.  I keep these around all the time.

Here is a close up of the labels:

ledger money label

taupe chevron money label

pink damask money label

teal chevron money label

grey chevron money label

I hope you can find these useful!

Three out of four of us now have pink-eye, so it’s time to make my rounds with drops.  Have a great week!



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